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  • Do I have Insurance? Do I have a Blue Card?

    Yes, I Do. My insurance cover is 20 million dollars which allows me to perform in any shopping centre here in Australia

    There is coverage for your piece of mind.

    Yes Vince always has his Blue Card for working with and entertaining children.

  • How long is the show ?

    The Magic and Fun Show  is 40 minutes in duration

    I all ways arrive 10/ 15 minutes earlier just to make sure everything is right

    I also like to ring before hand to let you know I am on my way.

  • Whats needed  for birthday party shows?

    He needs a small area to perform, 3m x 3m where there is no one behind or to the side of him.

    Everyone should be in front to get a good view.

    It is always a good idea to have all the children out of the show area while setup time is required so we do not spoil the surprises in the act.


    A power point might be also required depending on the venue or event.


  • How many kids per show

    On average birthday parties have 15 / 20 kids,


    Of course it goes up from there e.g. Daycares ,School fetes,

    Shopping Centres

  • What are your fees?


    The Magic and Fun shows are affordable and great value.


    Final Prices are quoted once full details of time, venue, place and any additional information is announced.

    When a booking is made, a deposit to secure the booking will need to be provided.


    Vince is a full time professional working Wizzard/Magician,

    Entertaining all areas of Queensland, the Brisbane area and Australia Wide.

  • Can the adults watch?

    Absolutely! In fact there should be at least one adult in the audience. It’s a family show.

    If a child requires assistance, the adult can take care of the situation, while the other children at the party continue to enjoy the show without interruption.

  • How long have you been do Magic /Entertaining

    30 years  from clowning to Theme Parks , Shopping Centres, Festivals, Schools, Weddings,etc etc etc.


  0411 107 665